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“We’re at the forefront of west African food,” says the first black female Michelin-starred chef in the UK

Adejoké Bakare, founder and head chef of Chishuru, has been awarded a Michelin star in the UK for her modern West African cuisine, which gained popularity in London after opening as a pop-up in Brixton VillageBakare, a black female chef, has won the prestigious London Food Awards for her West African cuisine.

Bakare’s dishes include sinasir, moi moi, and ekoki. She believes her success is a result of her independence and the “west African movement” in London. Bakare believes her role as an independent restaurateur and chef is liberating and fulfilling.

Akoko, a restaurant in Fitzrovia specializing in west African cuisine, was awarded a Michelin star in Manchester.

Bakare, explains that their food is ‘Nigerian’ due to its diverse culinary history, influenced by Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa styles.Chishuru, one of 18 new restaurants awarded a Michelin star, was attended by 90% white middle-aged men.

Owner, Bakare, expressed her confidence in the industry’s future and the passion among young women. Her love for food began at age 11, but she pursued biological sciences and ran a fish and chip cart.

A UK-based chef, who previously worked in care and property management, opened a three-month pop-up restaurant after winning a competition at Brixton Village.

Bakare believes the industry needs more diversity, especially in London, where there’s a lot of food. She believes more publications and food writers should explore this.

Michelin UK chief inspector, praises her unique style and restaurant, calling it fun, generous, and enjoyable.

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