About NM

What is Nigeria Magazine

Nigeria magazine (NM)is a contemporary quarterly magazine that focuses on news, current affairs, international business, technology, culture, and entertainment. NM is a subsidiary of Seed Growth Ltd. with a global reach across Africa, North America, and Europe. NM celebrates all things synonymous with achievement in Business, Education, Technology, Politics, Sports, Arts & Culture. We are available on various digital omni-channels such as, Blogs, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, live digital events -moderating debates and providing Insights on topical issues. For example, Nigeria Economic Sustainability Series-are about public awareness of post COVID-19 economic recovery. NM also focuses on data analysis and insights of emerging markets. NM has held 9 events since July 2020 and hosted over 45 speakers -policy maker, influencer and panelists from the public and private sector.

Why Nigeria Magazine

Nigeria magazine’s unique selling point(USP) fills the gap in providing relevant contemporary news on the African continent and Diaspora. Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is set to double over the next 30 years, adding an additional 1bn people and putting it on track to overtake central and south Asia soon after as the world’s most populous region. Nigeria’s population is set to double to more than 400m by 2050, when it will have overtaken the US as the world’s third most inhabited country. NM is aimed towards, reaching and developing a relatively untapped market. NM global print circulation averages between 10,000 -50,000 quarterly with an online presence of over 200,000 readers / followers. NM has held 9 events since July 2020 and hosted over 45 speakers -policy maker, influencer and panelists from the public and private sector. NM gives the advertiser greater opportunity to a diverse market sector.


Agriculture, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Housing

Agriculture accounts for over 24 percent of Nigeria’s GDP. The country is a leader in various types of agricultural production, such as palm oil, cocoa beans, pineapple, and sorghum. It is the largest producer of sorghum in the world just after the United States and ranks fifth in the production of palm oil and cocoa beans.

The African startup ecosystem continues to attract significant funding investments especially in the Top 4 markets -Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa accounting to an estimated total of almost $2.02 billion in 2019. Recent examples include, Interswitch, Lidya, Opay etcetera.

A 2020 report noted that due to the lack of electrification and access to the grid in Africa, the continent’s off-grid solar systems market has an annual potential of $24bn.

With the capability of solar-fintech solutions to deliver power to Nigeria’s households along with affordable financing models such as pay as you go, solar could be the breakthrough technology that finally connects Nigeria off-grid communities. The combination of solar and fintech is an emerging trend that sees the launch of solution-providers, proving their concept and business model in relatively small time and making an impact in off-grid communities in Nigerian and across the Africa. Health-tech projects are emerging across the continent, tackling various health issues using digital platforms using mobile devices. Opportunities exist in Healthcare services such as, lifestyle awareness education, diagnostics, remote data collection and monitoring, home care, provision of treatments to patients, medical supply chain, and responding to disease outbreaks and emergencies. According to data from the Centre for Affordable Housing, Nigeria require $360bn to close its housing deficit.


NM gives advertisers greater opportunity to a diverse market sector.

Market Demographics Adult Age: 21 –65+


Distribution Channel: retail outlets, airports, hotels, embassies, universities, corporate offices, professional bodies, events e.g. events, seminars, conferences.

Digital Platform: benefit from further advertising from forums and Event exhibitions: Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Digital distribution is an essential part of our distribution channels across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.


As an advertiser, not only will you benefit from focused marketing provided by NM, but you will also receive extended brand communication from various mediums, which coincide with the promotion of the magazine.