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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Paul Pogba Denies Retirement Rumors: ‘I’m not finished, Will Fight For My Career’

French midfielder Paul Pogba has firmly dismissed rumors about his retirement, emphasizing his determination to continue his football career. The former Manchester United star, who has been dealing with injuries and a doping controversy, spoke candidly in an interview with Sky Sport.

“I’m still a football player. Don’t look at that stuff saying I’m retiring, I’m finished… I wanna fight for my career, I’m optimistic,” Pogba declared on Tuesday, addressing the swirling speculation about his future in professional football.

Pogba’s assertion highlights his commitment to overcoming the challenges he has faced recently and underscores his passion for the sport. Despite the setbacks, the midfielder remains hopeful and dedicated to reclaiming his position on the field.

His words serve as a reminder of his resilience and his intent to continue contributing to the world of football.

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