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Monday, April 15, 2024

Nigeria Stands At Risk Of Imports Of Yam From China

The Permanent Secretary of Nigeria’s Ministry of Agriculture, Ernest Umakihe, has voiced concerns about the potential for China to become a source of yam imports for Nigeria, despite the country being a major global producer of yams, accounting for 67% of the world’s output.

Umakihe, speaking at a stakeholders workshop focused on repositioning yam as an export commodity, emphasized Nigeria’s absence in the global yam export market and highlighted the risk of Chinese yam flooding local markets due to consumer preferences for imported goods.

He warned that such a scenario could lead to negative impacts such as increased unemployment and decreased income for local yam farmers. Umakihe also cited past unsuccessful attempts by Nigerian states and the federal government to boost yam exports, stressing the importance of proper planning and execution in export initiatives. The workshop aimed to address past shortcomings and devise strategies to promote successful yam exportation from Nigeria, with Umakihe urging stakeholders to learn from past mistakes and work towards enhancing the country’s export potential.

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