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Many feared as explosion rocked Ibadan

Yesterday, residents across different areas of Ibadan, Oyo State’s capital, experienced intense fear due to a loud and powerful explosion that rocked much of the city.

Although unconfirmed reports suggested possible fatalities, the cause and origin of the Ibadan explosion remained unclear.

Windows, including those at a pharmacy and a restaurant, were reportedly shattered by the impact.

As of the latest update, the exact number of casualties remains unconfirmed. The ground shook in major locations within Ibadan metropolis and its outskirts a few minutes before 8 pm.

Nigeria Magazine gathered information indicating that though the explosion happened just once, but the effect was deep.

Residents in areas such as Ologuneru, Owalla, Isokan, Ekerin, Eleyele, and parts of Apete reported feeling the tremors. At Ologuneru, a building’s gates and fence shook but did not collapse.

Other affected areas included Olodo, Apata, Iyana church, Sango, Agbowo, Bodija Housing, and more. Contradictory reports emerged regarding the nature and source of the terrifying sound.

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