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Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2022 Leaders’ Statement

  1. We, the Commonwealth Heads of Government, met in Kigali on 25 June 2022.
  2. In this year of her Platinum Jubilee, we congratulated Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
    II for her steadfast commitment over seven decades as Head of the
    Commonwealth. We expressed profound gratitude for her inspiring and dedicated
  3. We expressed our profound gratitude to the Government and people of the Republic
    of Rwanda for the warm hospitality extended all delegations and congratulated His
    Excellency President Paul Kagame for his leadership in chairing the meeting. We
    welcomed and accepted the offer of Samoa to host the next CHOGM in 2024 and
    expressed our warm gratitude to the United Kingdom for its stewardship as Chair-In Office over the past four years.
  4. We underscored the importance of connecting, innovating, and transforming in order
    to facilitate a full recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, achieve the 2030 Agenda
    for Sustainable Development, and respond to conflicts and crises in ways that
    increases resilience and progress towards delivering a common future, underpinned
    by sustainability, peace and prosperity, to improve the lives of all the people of the
  5. We affirmed that the universal, timely, fair and equitable access to and distribution
    of safe, efficacious, and affordable COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics,
    and capacity to administer the same, are key to global recovery from the pandemic.
    We commend and thank the Commonwealth member which generously shared
    vaccines with others across the Commonwealth family.
  6. We recognised the effects of global insecurities in food, energy and climate, and
    agreed to strengthen the Commonwealth Secretariat to further focus on these issues
    and take forward action in support of Commonwealth members.
  7. We reaffirmed that radicalisation, leading to violence, violent extremism, and
    terrorism in all its forms, are serious global threats. We expressed concern for
    victims, condemned perpetrators, and re-committed to the intensification of
    efforts to foster greater harmony and peace in order to counter violent extremism.
  8. We agreed on the Commonwealth Call to Action on Living Lands, the Declaration on
    Sustainable Urbanisation, and the Kigali Declaration on Child Care and Protection
  9. We agreed to encourage public-private partnerships, in collaboration with
    multilateral and other entities, to create high-quality digital jobs for young people
    across the Commonwealth, with the full participation of the Commonwealth of
  10. We commended His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for the creation of the Terra
    Carta for Nature, People, and Planet, and recognised its value as a blueprint for
    public-private collaboration in making markets sustainable for the future.
  11. We are deeply aware of the threats and challenges we have outlined in our
    Communiqué and are committed to supporting a stronger Commonwealth.
  12. We congratulated the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC on her reappointment to complete
    her second term as Commonwealth Secretary-General and guide the Secretariat until
    the next CHOGM in Samoa in 2024, where the next Secretary-General will be
    appointed, in accordance with usual practice and the principle of regional rotation.
  13. We admitted the Gabonese Republic and the Togolese Republic to the
    Commonwealth as new members.
    Republic of Rwanda

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