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Meet Arafat Bello-Osagie, the newly appointed CEO of Play Network Studios

Meet Arafat Bello-Osagie, the newly appointed CEO of Play Network Studios. With a background in corporate legal strategy and a knack for business operations, she’s ready to lead the company to new heights.

Starting April 8, 2024, Arafat Bello-Osagie takes the helm at Play Network Studios, bringing her expertise in negotiations, management, and brand strategy to the forefront. Her appointment signals a significant moment for the company, showcasing its commitment to innovation and bold project execution.

As CEO, Bello-Osagie will be steering the ship, overseeing both executive and creative aspects of Play Network Studios. Her track record at the company, particularly in strategy and operations, has proven her dedication and skill in delivering results.

Beyond her corporate prowess, Bello-Osagie is deeply passionate about promoting the arts and gender inclusion. She’s led teams on various projects, from the highly anticipated ‘Skeleton Coast’ to the groundbreaking ‘Blood Vessel,’ which made waves as the first Nigerian title to top the Netflix Non-English category for consecutive weeks.

In addition to her role at Play Network Studios, Bello-Osagie is an active member of the Play Network Foundation, contributing to social and corporate education initiatives. With her leadership, Play Network Studios is set to continue nurturing talent in Nigeria’s vibrant entertainment industry, cementing its place as a driving force in Nollywood’s evolution.

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