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Irregular’ Military Movements Spark Coup Fears in Bolivia

‘Irregular’ Military Movements Spark Coup Fears in Bolivia

A significant military presence at Bolivia’s government palace on Wednesday has raised fears of a potential coup attempt. Soldiers were seen disembarking from armored vehicles and entering the palace.

President Luis Arce has condemned the movements and emphasized the importance of respecting democracy. He firmly stated that a coup would not be tolerated.

Footage on TikTok, posted by Bolivia TV, showed soldiers and military police entering the government palace, with an armored vehicle stationed outside.

In another video, President Arce is seen confronting Juan Zúñiga, the leader of the rebellion. Arce demanded the withdrawal of Zúñiga’s soldiers, declaring, “I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your soldiers. I will not allow this insubordination.”

Reports suggested that Zúñiga, who faced imminent dismissal, had gathered his forces in Murillo Square. He declared to journalists, “We are going to recover this homeland.” He added that there would be changes in the cabinet of ministers, stating, “Our state cannot continue like this.”

Former President Evo Morales quickly voiced his support for the government, urging his supporters to mobilize in defense of democracy.

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s top diplomat, condemned any efforts to disrupt Bolivia’s constitutional order and overthrow its democratically elected government. Borrell expressed the EU’s solidarity with the Bolivian government and its people.

In a video statement, President Arce, flanked by his cabinet, called on citizens to mobilize against the “coup d’état” and to stand in favor of democracy.

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