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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Federal Government orders 102,000 tonnes of grains

Minister Mohammed Idris shared updates on the Presidential Food Initiative, emphasizing President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to making food available “whatever it takes.”

The government addressed concerns raised during the first initiative session, especially regarding protests in Minna, Niger State.To tackle the issue, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security is releasing 42,000 metric tons of essential commodities from their reserves.

Additionally, discussions with the Rice Millers Association led to an agreement to open their stores, providing 60,000 metric tons of rice, sufficient for one to two months.The primary goal is to lower food prices, with emergency measures including the possibility of importing essential goods in the short term.

The government is directing significant investments with farmers for a better upcoming farming season.Efforts to address hoarding involve urging traders to open stores and contribute to national interests.

The government is ready to take measures against those withholding essential commodities. While the focus is on availability, the government is considering affordability, ensuring that measures taken will benefit Nigerians in accessing food at reasonable costs.

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