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Economic Sustainability Series:Using Technology to change Africa’s landscape

Femi Longe, CEO Qiesto/ Co Founder CcHub- Take Aways💫

7th Economic Sustainability Series in 2021, on “Using Technology to Change the Landscape of Africa” held on Friday 21st May.

Femi Longe, CEO Qiesto/ Co Founder CcHub- Take Aways💫
Set up the first technology hub in Nigeria. Nigerians do not lack the capacity to fix the country. You cannot fix a complex problem alone. It can be done collaboratively. We cannot rely on government to fix problems.

Every major social trend, even in the UK starts with an outsider
How do you bring people together to tackle problems.

No matter how big a problem is, there are available solutions.
No society in the world has achieved development through charity.
Core tech, deep tech, we lack the capacity to deal the rest of the world.
Multiple deep dimensional problems, is an advantage, using them as new venture, rather than a challenge

Technology is critical as a tool. A lot of Growth opportunities exist, but our educational system not focused on competences and practicality.

The contents should focus on competences required for jobs. How do we retool the system to prepare them for the work place. There’s enough room for creators, parents should encourage every child about critical skills regardless of their gender.

Most start ups are funded by Americans, Africans in the diaspora should invest in tech, to avoid digital colonialism.

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