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Doing business in Lagos, Nigeria.

Doing business in Lagos, Nigeria, offers a vibrant yet challenging environment.

This statement was validated by a short interview conducted by Nigeria Magazine with Mrs. Obadiah Funmilayo, a business woman in Lagos.

Mrs. Obadiah Funmilayo’s picture.

Kindly read to the end to have a full view. Lagos bustling markets and diverse population present opportunities, but navigating traffic congestion and addressing infrastructure limitations can pose hurdles.

Building strong local relationships, understanding cultural nuances, and adapting to regulatory frameworks are crucial for success in this dynamic business landscape. The city’s markets, like Balogun and Computer Village, showcase a variety of goods, fostering a rich trading atmosphere.

Networking and relationship-building play pivotal roles, with business often conducted through personal connections.

Innovation thrives in Lagos, driven by a tech-savvy population. The city has a growing startup scene, with incubators and accelerators supporting emerging businesses.

Mrs. Obadiah Funmilayo, a business woman in Lagos, sells kitchen utensils, handbags and footwears in Lagos.

Some of Mrs. Obadiah Funmilayo’s goods

Here is what she had to say about doing business in Lagos. “Lagos State is a blessed land for business. However, doing business anywhere comes with its own challenge but the challenge of Lagos is getting a space for business, competitors, governments’ demands and more.

She quickly added that, however, you can use the challenges to build your marketing strategies up if you don’t quit. She concluded that, you just need to study your environment to know the kind of business that will best serve people living in that environment.

This will help you know the marketing strategies that will help your business thrive in that environment.”

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