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Breaking News: Tinubu Sacks NASENI Boss, Appoints 32-Year-Old Khalil As Successor.

President Bola Tinubu’s Decisive Move: Restructuring Leadership at NASENI

In a monumental development, President Bola Tinubu has taken decisive action to revamp the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) by terminating the appointment of Bashir Gwandu as its Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

This bold move signals a new era of transformation and innovation within NASENI, positioning it for a future of unprecedented growth and development.

The decision to remove Bashir Gwandu from his leadership role underscores President Tinubu’s commitment to ensuring effective governance and excellence in the field of science and engineering.

President Tinubu appointed 32-year-old Khalil Halilu as successor.

A Vision for Excellence: President Tinubu’s action is rooted in a vision for NASENI that prioritizes excellence and progress in science and engineering.

By appointing new leadership, the President seeks to infuse fresh energy and expertise into the agency, aligning it with the dynamic challenges of the modern world.

Revitalizing NASENI: The termination of Bashir Gwandu’s appointment paves the way for the revitalization of NASENI’s core functions.

With new leadership, the agency can refocus its efforts on critical areas such as research, development, and innovation in science and engineering, thereby contributing significantly to national growth and self-reliance.

Stakeholder Expectations: This move has generated considerable interest among stakeholders, including scientists, engineers, researchers, and policymakers.

Their expectations for the agency’s future direction are high, and they look to President Tinubu’s leadership to steer NASENI towards greater achievements and breakthroughs.

Global Competitiveness: In a world where technological advancements are driving global competitiveness, NASENI’s renewed focus on research and development is expected to enhance Nigeria’s position on the global stage.

President Tinubu’s action is seen as a step towards positioning the nation as a hub for cutting-edge science and engineering solutions.

President Bola Tinubu’s termination of Bashir Gwandu’s appointment at NASENI marks a pivotal moment in the agency’s history. It signals a commitment to excellence, innovation, and progress in the fields of science and engineering.

As NASENI enters this new era, all eyes are on the agency’s future accomplishments and contributions to Nigeria’s growth and development.+

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