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Asue Ighodalo’s Pathway To Prosperity For All.

Asue Ighodalo’s Pathway to Prosperity for All.

By Kede Aihie

Asue Ighodalo’s Pathway to Prosperity for All agenda. Which is built around five key pillars, which he elaborated on during his recent visit to Manchester and London. The five-point agenda is designed to drive economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve the standard of living for Edo citizens. The most important pillar was the Economic Development Agency (EDA) Model.

Asue plans to establish an Economic Development Agency (EDA) in each of the three senatorial districts in Edo State. The EDA will serve as a one-stop shop for businesses, providing support services, training, and access to funding. This model has been successful in other countries and is expected to have a profound positive impact on Edo’s economy. I had an hour long chat with UN accredited expert of Edo origin, a summary of his initial thoughts was very positive. Asue is very much ready to get the job done from day one.

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