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Monday, April 15, 2024

Kelvin Hart Turned Down Investing $50K-$75K In Uber, Which He Says Would Have Been At Over $100M Today.

Kevin Hart turned down investing $50K-$75K in Uber, which he says would have been at over $100M today.

Kevin Cuban also turned down investing in Uber at the then valuation of $10 million which could have earned him Billions of dollars today.

What could be within your reach or sphere of influence that you are overlooking, downplaying, downvoting or downsizing like the two Kevins?

Are you missing millions and $billions of chances to increase your net worth?

Is your investment portfolio as sound as it should be?

Are you shying away from honest advice like that of Troy Carter to Kevin Hart?

Is your vision blurred to the many tech and digital opportunities around?

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