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The Cost Of Living Is Biting Hard In Northern Nigeria

In northern Nigeria, the impact of the rising cost of living is evident as residents resort to using tough rice grains known locally as “afafata” or “battling” in Hausa.

These grains, typically rejected by millers or used as fish feed, pose a cooking challenge due to their hardness.

In Nigeria, prices are on an unprecedented rise, hitting levels not witnessed in almost 30 years.

Global economic challenges aside, the recent cancellation of the fuel subsidy by President Bola Tinubu and the devaluation of the national currency, the naira, are amplifying the inflationary pressures.

Consider the essential 50kg (110lb) bag of rice, a staple that traditionally sustains a household of eight to ten people for a month.

Now, this crucial item demands a substantial 77,000 naira ($53; £41), reflecting an alarming 70% surge since the middle of last year.

This surge is placing a significant financial strain on the majority of Nigerians, surpassing their monthly earnings. The impact is deeply felt in homes across the country.

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