Recently the popularly known Canadian artist made a heredity test.

The test revealed that Nigeria is the primary ethnic group in his DNA, with a representation of 28% of Cameroon, Congo, and Western Bantu People following closely.

Drake expressed his excitement at the discovery in his Instagram post, stating, “My dad is a proud Black man, full stop.

The famous Canadian artist Drake has pulled a serious stunt on the internet. The man thought to be from Canada has just shown an ancestry result of his dad and the shocking news is that he has a black man’s blood lineage, and Nigeria precisely.

Nigeria’s bloodline is 30% higher than any other African trait.

The artist himself seems to be happy with the test results, due to the comment on his post. This pulls up more competition between Africans and the Western world.

Also posting that sooner or later Africans will be taking the leading role in the world’s entertainment industry.