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Our stress is released through entertainment. It offers both power and leisure. It serves as the fuel for our cars. But even though movies, plays, and music are the main sources of entertainment, are they the only ones?

Have we ever considered how beneficial they will be to our economy. They benefit our economy in a beneficial way.

We believe that this sector creates jobs. We never considered how beneficial they would be to bring money into one country, even though many people work on one project so it only creates jobs. It sets off a series of events that affect the demand for local labour, transportation services, lodging facilities, food products, and tourism in a certain economy.

80 million international travellers worldwide are reportedly inspired by films. For us, Hollywood serves as the best illustration. Numerous other nations, except Hollywood, are also benefiting from this chance. the newly developing industry in Turkey.

One of the most significant effects of TV series export, known as the “film-induced tourism effect,” is thought to be an increase in vacation demand to Turkey.

Following the airing of the TV series, Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria are found to be the two nations most interested in travelling to Turkey. Turkish dramas are the nation’s most well-known economic and cultural exports and reflect its culture.

The world’s second-highest exporter of television shows behind the United States is Turkey, which is currently surpassing both Mexico and Brazil in terms of growth.

Another sector of the economy is expanding daily. South Korea has become a major exporter of culture and tourism since the start of the twenty-first century, which benefits their economy.

The South Korean government set aside $1 billion in 2014 and 1% of its annual budget for the cultural sector. K-pop and K-dramas are well known to everyone.

They are renowned for their original idea and excellent directing. It is having a significant impact on other nations.

Nollywood serves a one way Nigerian tell the story of our culture to the world and impacts nations our movies are been viewed worldwide which help the economy.

NollywoodTeam Shooting A Movie.

Therefore, we can strengthen the sector by producing strong content. Government should allot funds for the entertainment sector and encourage or support the directors and producers to create such content that strengthens our reputation abroad.

Additionally, this will benefit our economy and improve the perception of our nation abroad.

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