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Focus On Women In Banking- Meet Yetunde Bolanle Oni

In a notable move within the financial industry, Yetunde Bolanle Oni steps into the role of Chief Executive Officer at Standard Chartered Bank Sierra Leone, marking a significant milestone as the first female CEO in the bank’s history in Sierra Leone. Effective November 2020, Yetunde brings a wealth of experience garnered from her extensive career journey.

Yetunde’s association with Standard Chartered Bank dates back to 2005 when she embarked on her professional voyage with the institution. Over the years, she has navigated various roles, including her recent position as Managing Director & Head of Commercial Banking for Nigeria & West Africa. Her tenure has been marked by notable contributions, including pioneering roles and strategic leadership within the organization.

Prior to her current appointment, Yetunde’s journey encompassed diverse experiences, shaping her into a seasoned professional within the banking and financial services sector. Her early career saw her making significant strides at Prime Merchant Bank Treasury & Money Markets Group and later Ecobank Nigeria, where she played a pivotal role in expanding the bank’s footprint across different sectors.

With a career spanning 27 years, Yetunde’s trajectory within Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria showcased her prowess in relationship management, strategic planning, and fostering growth opportunities. Her roles evolved from Senior Account Relationship Manager to Head of Local Corporates, where she spearheaded initiatives aimed at bolstering the bank’s local presence and facilitating cross-border expansion for clients.

Yetunde’s leadership tenure has been characterized by a steadfast commitment to driving profitability, optimizing balance sheets, and nurturing strategic client engagements. Under her stewardship, the bank witnessed remarkable growth, enabling clients to realize their ambitions of extending their operations beyond Nigeria to other regions across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

As the Pioneer Head of Commercial Banking, Yetunde led her team in executing strategic initiatives aimed at leveraging the bank’s trade, foreign exchange, and network capabilities to support client businesses across key growth sectors. Her visionary leadership played a pivotal role in aligning the bank’s objectives with the evolving needs of its clientele.

Educationally, Yetunde boasts an impressive portfolio, holding a Bachelor’s degree (Honors) in Economics from the University of Ibadan, an MBA from Bangor University, and certifications from esteemed institutions such as Oxford University and INSEAD Business School, Singapore. Her academic achievements complement her practical insights, contributing to her holistic approach to leadership.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Yetunde remains actively engaged in various industry affiliations, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning and collaboration. She is an esteemed member of organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Women in Management and Business, and the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Commenting on Yetunde’s appointment, Lamin Manjang, CEO of Standard Chartered Nigeria & West Africa, expressed his delight, highlighting her strategic vision and leadership acumen. He emphasized Yetunde’s pivotal role in steering the bank’s strategic priorities in Sierra Leone, fostering growth, and contributing to the country’s economic resurgence and diversification efforts.

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