What is Happiness?

Happiness can be defined as “a state of joy”…

All my life I’ve always asked myself what is happiness and does it even exist? I always thought you could be happy as being happy is a short term emotion, and doesn’t last for long because lets be real everything has an expiry date and nothing lasts forever. Being happy and having happiness can be defined as two different things as being happy is short term and having happiness is long term. Everyone has their own definition of happiness and what they think it is, but do we really know what happiness is? or is it a myth? Is it possible that you can only be ‘happy’ and not have happiness because happiness is long term? But sometimes I feel like let’s face it you can’t be happy for a long period of time without something ruining it. I Googled “define happiness” and it gave me loads of results but not a consistent definition which brought me to the conclusion that there isn’t an actual definition for ‘happiness’ because you have to create happiness yourself and it is what you make of it, because only you know what brings you joy or Happiness…

A lot of people’s definition of true happiness are worldly riches  e.g. money, love, designer clothes etc but does that really give you true happiness or is that the happiness that the media portrays? that in order to be happy you have to be rich? I believe some aspects of having money makes you happy because in the world we live in you need money to do almost anything or have money to get you to places you want to go . I also believe that a homeless man or kids in third world countries can also have happiness or should I say have moments where they’re happy and riches aren’t everything because there are some wealthy people who commit suicide because they aren’t exactly happy , which brings me to my point / question once again what is happiness ?? some say a state of joy but can one truly be happy in this day and age? the answer to that is yes it just depends on what makes you happy or what your hearts desires and what your priorities are. 2015 has taught me a lot about happiness … being that you have to go and find it yourself and most importantly you have to love yourself  and do things that benefit you into becoming a better person.

Author: Stephanie Aihie

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