US Elections 2012 – Historic Second Term For President Obama

Obama’s tweet “four more years”

  • Obama 303, (49.6 popular vote)      Romney 206 (49.4 of the popular vote)
  • Celebrations after Obama win in Chicago, White House
  • Governor Romney concedes  defeat
  • Obama gives victory speech, says for the US the best is yet to come

That President Obama won the 2012 election has not come as a surprise at least to my mind.  Obama’s decisive victory can be attributed to good tactical astuteness including keeping his campaign structure and offices since 2008, this seem to have paid off, 20 % of the population are made up of the ethnic minorities, early ballot also paid off, this may be a template for future elections in America.

This is the most expensive election in American history with about $6.2 billion spent in this election including congressional election, mostly made up private individuals, getting out the vote, some used it for attacking people in the media. Romney out spent Obama but did not win. The fact that Obama in a recession understands that America built its wealth on the middle class, not extending 2% tax cut for the rich, but instead focusing on grass root effort for two years,  Super Storm Sandy gave Obama a lift. 

Obama put together a good coalition of the creative class in southern New Hampshire, Denver, Colorado, Minorities especially the Hispanic population.  This has broken the race barrier as America will never be the same politically again.  The issue of race has been raised by some, considering that over 90% of the African American votes were for Obama. Every month 50000 Hispanics turn 18 years.  In did, the Obama’s campaign did a wonderful job defining Romney as a Bain capitalist against poor people. 

Romney (the man who would be president) concedes defeat

With these words Mitt Romney conceded defeated to President Obama “I pray that president will be successful in guiding our nation” I also want to thank Anne the love of my life, she would have made a wonderful first lady”.

Romney made many gaffes including the barmy idea “self-deportation” of illegal immigrants, cost him the immigration support among minorities, neither was his stance on the shipping of car manufacturing jobs from Ohio being shipped to China were kicked in the head by auto industry leaders. Thousands of volunteers assisted the Obama campaign

It was a generous speech from Romney considering the bitterness of the campaign and the lies told by both sides, He paid tribute to Paul Ryan, possibly anointing him, Is the end of Romney’s politically career? Without doubt, it is all over for him politically.

What next for the Republican Party

They lost because they had a terrible candidate, the GOP never really embraced Romney, what now for the status quo. Republicans will now be looking forward to 2016.  The demographics in America is changing is also affected Republican party in future.

A section of the Republican Party (Tea Party, have seized control of the party.  This is a status quo election for the GOP, as they believe they have the mandate of the electorate

The Chinese are probably quietly pleased as sources have been quoted as saying that “it will be easier to push Obama around than it would have been with Romney”. 

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will have to Obama contend with, considering the fact that he aggressive politics worked against President Obama regarding Iran’s nuclear ambition.

The US Supreme Court is likely to play a significant role during Obama’s second term. The possibility of two retiring justices being replaced president Obama as women were concerned about Romney pledge of reviewing abortion including Roe v Wade.  Women were scared of their rights being curtailed.  Many young single women showed up to vote, trumping the economic issue.

Highlight of Obama’s victory speech

  • We must seize this opportunity and says the country need to move forward
  • our economy is improving and that role of citizen does not end with voting
  • the best is yet to come

The Challenges ahead

Obama will be confronted by some challenges, including bringing Americans together, deal with an ageing population, address the financial situation, confronting business on the job creators to invest. Considering the challenges ahead, the easy part may be winning the elections, the difficult part will be facing the challenges confronting America and by extension the rest of the world.

The relationship between the White House and Congress is fraught with gridlock, Obama was never able to rally support from his opponents, so he started using executive orders. Sensing their loss, there will be plenty of room for angry Republicans to cause problems for Barack Obama.  With 2016 in mind the Republicans will not want to be seen as obstructive.

With Obama not running for re-election again, will he stay the course in confronting the challenges both domestically and globally?  Obama’s foreign policy is largely successful, culminating killing of Osama Bin Laden, ending the war in Iraq, drawing down troops in Afghanistan. Obama will have to deal with issues in the Middle East, including the Iran nuclear threat, easing tension with Pakistan. Relation with China about China’s trade practices. Some Chinese analyst believe that Obama’s re-election  would good for continuity  and hopefully stop the antagonising of China Unlike Mitt Romney, Obama refused to label China as currency manipulator.

Now that the election is over, both sides will have to work together as Obama pleads with politicians of all divide.  Obama has another four years to improve his country financial standing and possibly leave a legacy for him and future generations.  Obama hopefully will avoid the “second term curse” (Ronald Regean, Bill Clinton and George Bush jnr) all having their second terms marred by controversies). 

Whilst the US elections have being intriguing, some parallel should be drawn with the Nigerian political system and hopefully, the Nigerian political class will learn lesson from the issue driven 2012 elections, considering that campaign 2015 Nigerian elections have commenced albeit too early.

Hopefully Nigerian politicians and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).will build upon the successful governorship elections in Edo and Ondo state where opposition parties won. The National Assembly and the Federal Government should work together in passing the 2013 budget in time for full implementation by the Federal Government. All these are achievable with a deep sense of patriotisms.

Post Script

Florida is yet to declare official results due to incompetence of Florida electoral officials.  The question is why Florida?

Author: nmmin

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