The World Scrabble Champion is Jighere Wellington from Nigeria

The World Scrabble Champion is Jighere Wellington from Nigeria. The elite competition had 130 players from many countries battling it out over 32 rounds to determine the top two.

Wellington Jighere from Nigeria and Lewis McKay from England were the two survivors. On the fifth day they were isolated in the appropriately named Legends Room to compete in a best of seven series with moves being relayed to a perceptive audience of the best Scrabble players in the world. Wellington secured victory in four straight wins.

There are many superb Scrabble players on the African continent, but this is the first time the World Scrabble Championship was awarded to an African. Wellington’s achievement has been received with much acclamation by all Scrabblers, but especially so by the rest of the team from Nigeria, who almost did not get here with difficulties with visa approvals.

Wellington made a striking impression when he first appeared at a World Scrabble Championship in Mumbai in 2007. A tall man with a confident style wearing a distinctive hat, he came in third, very close to being in second spot which would have had him play the finals series with the legendary top rated Nigel Richards. His hat, his style and his prowess were talked of long after. In 2015 the hat was different but the style was the same.

The prowess was even greater because he had put a great deal of effort for this 2015 Championship.

Congratulations to Wellington Jighere, World Scrabble Champion.

Author: nmmin

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