Nigeria – Science and technology education at post-basic level (STEPB) : review of S&T education in
federally-funded institutions; main synthesis STEPB report – World Bank
The STEPB report was prepared at the request from the federal Government of Nigeria (FGN). It fits
in the National Empowerment and Economic Development Strategy (NEEDS), which emphasizes the
case for economic growth in Nigeria to reduce poverty and promote social welfare. As indicated by
numerous international publications Science and Technology related post-basic education of high
quality and relevance is one of the key indicators for stimulating economic growth in lower-income
countries. This STEPB Synthesis Report encapsulates the findings of six background reports. They
were conducted over a period of eight months to assist the FGN in prioritizing and drawing up a
strategy for strengthening post basic science and technology education at the federal level so as to
increase Nigeria's capacity to exploit Science and Technology (S&T) and shift toward greater
knowledge intensity in its products and processes. Specifically, the report concerns itself with
science and technology in the post-basic education sector which relates to areas of information and
communication technologies and research and knowledge organizations for the use and creation of
new knowledge and technology. Taken together, the background reports and this resulting synthesis
paint the picture of a post basic education sector in the midst of expansion. The key issues that need
to be addressed in order to achieve sustainable improvement of post-basic S&T education in Nigeria
at the federal level include: (a) the need for an overarching national strategy for S&T and
innovation;.(b) the data management capacity must be strengthened; (c) fragmentation of the
management of the S&T sector must be addressed;(d) systems for monitoring market needs and
responding to them must be improved; (e) Steps must be taken to address the lack of terrestrial
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) bandwidth; (f) a substantial review and reform of
the secondary curriculum is required; and (g) mechanisms must be put in place to improve the
quality of equipment and facilities available for teaching at all levels as well as for research at the
tertiary level

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