Ribadu says his candidacy has been damaged


Nuhu Ribadu, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) presidential contestant, expressed
regret for agreeing to step down for his Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) counterpart,
Muhammadu Buhari.
Mr. Ribadu had agreed to dump his presidential ambition in order for the long mooted
coalition to work. Mr. Ribadu concedes that the reversal would have a lasting impact on his
future prospects.
“This is the way this thing has been going all through,” he said. “I know the damage
they have done to me personally, but I leave that to God.”
Sources at the three day meeting between the ACN and the CPC caucus said that on Tuesday,
a decision had been made by Mr. Ribadu in which he accepted to step down for Mr. Buhari
for the April 16 election.
Sources also confirm that Mr. Buhari and a former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu,
led the discussions for their respective sides. Mr. Buhari had reportedly been eager for the
meeting to succeed but was unwilling to back down on certain points, including the idea that
Mr. Tinubu becomes his vice president.
Mr. Ribadu said he was willing to sacrifice his ambition but others at the meeting were not
so selfless. “We have done our part. I have agreed to step down. We have sacrificed for the
country. And they won’t even sign a simple letter?” he lamented.
Mr Tinubu, whose vice presidential ambition had also been blamed for the collapse of
previous talks, immediately named three people for the job. They are Yemi Osinbajo a former
Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Mr Tinubu administration, Yemi Cardoso,
who was Mr Tinubu’s budget commissioner and a former Lagos State finance commissioner,
Wale Edun.
Although Mr. Bakare had agreed to these terms, he balked when the ACN delegates insisted
he signed a post-dated resignation letter to seal the deal, but Bakare refused to append his
signature to such a document. According to a source, it was at this point that the overnight
meeting, which went on till 2am, reached an impasse. The ACN refused to take Mr Bakare’s
word that he will abide by the meeting’s decision. “How else could they make sure that he
would not back out later?” said a former governor who was also a facilitator at the meeting.
Mr. Akande similarly left open a glimmer of opportunity.
“If at the end of the election on Saturday there is no clear winner we will make a
decision on which way to go, in the overriding interest of all Nigerians,” he said

Author: nmmin

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