PM meeting with President-elect Buhari of Nigeria, 23 May 2015


Prime Minister David Cameron met with President-elect Buhari of Nigeria and discussed the

challenges facing Nigeria.

A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister welcomed President-elect Buhari of Nigeria to Downing Street this morning.

Both leaders congratulated each other on their recent election victories and discussed the

challenges facing Nigeria. The Prime Minister stressed the UK’s wish to work for a stable,

prosperous and secure Nigeria.

The leaders discussed security in the region and the fight against terrorism, particularly the threat

posed by Boko Haram. They discussed the need for a regional approach and agreed to continue

working together to build the capacity of the Nigerian army, with the UK continuing to provide

military training and intelligence support.

On tackling corruption, they agreed this was a priority to ensure Nigeria’s prosperity and

success. The Prime Minister agreed to look at what technical assistance and support the UK

could provide to the Nigerian government as it looks to undertake its reforms.

They also discussed the need to tackle organised crime and the links between the UK andorganised crime and the links between the UK and


Finally, they talked about the challenges posed by migration from Africa to Europe and the

President-elect said he would do all he could to secure Nigeria’s borders

Source : Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Author: nmmin

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