Palesa Mokubung Goes Global?with H&M

38 year old South African Fashion Designer, Palesa Mokubung will be the first African designer to collaborate with H&M. H&M is teaming up with her label Mantsho for a new collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories starting from August 15.  

Palesa said via Instagram, “I am so excited to finally announce my collaboration with H&M to create Mantsho x HM.”

Palesa founded her Mantsho signature label in 2004, after her career started when she walked into Stoned Cherrie Boutique in Rosebank Johannesburg in 2000 and the owner asked her where she got her outfit from and Palesa said, “I made it”.

Shape is a big character of Palesa’s design ethos as she believes it stores a woman’s confidence. She is known to work with colour, print and silhouettes to enhance & flatter the female shape in a playful way. Her colourful signature turns vibrant African fabrics & prints into modern edgy designs incorporating fine silks and woven fabrics. 

Palesa has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design in 2014. 

Her Mantsho brand designs have been showcased in countries such as Greece, India, the US, Senegal & Botswana, Nigeria & Jamaica. 

Palesa’s Mantsho Store at 27 Boxes in Melville, where she stocks ready to wear Mantsho signature garments and an extension line of homeware pieces, comprising of cushions, ottomans and culinary items. 

Mantsho has been nominated for a number of awards in South Africa & was named ‘The African Trend Dictator’ by a leading South African publication. Palesa won a Fashion & Innovation Award at the Mbokoko Women in the Arts Awards in 2014. 

Great job Palesa?????‍♀️?




Author: nmmin

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