Oshiomhole dresses up to receive Benin monarch


Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Nigeria’s Edo state jettisoned his working class garb Thursday as he came to office dressed in a white Agbada, the full traditional dress common in Western and Northern Nigeria. But his dress was not fully complete: the comrade governor, leader of the working class forgot to put on a cap.

Eyebrows were raised as the comrade governor has never made a showy dressing a feature of his government in the last four years. Even on his swearing-in day for a second term on Monday, Oshiomhole appeared in khaki, a short-sleeved shirt and trousers, as guests appeared in flowing robes and designer suits.

It was not long however to fathom the reason for the Governor’s dress: he was billed to receive the respected, revered monarch of the Benin Kingdom, Omo N’oba Erediauwa.

Oshiomhole had simply put on a garb fit for a royal reception. The visit to Government House by the Benin Monarch, was a rare show of public appearance.

Benin monarch visits Oshiomhole

The Monarch arrived the Government House in company of some Senior Palace Chiefs and Enogies and paid tribute to the Governor for his transformation achievements in the state, particularly in Benin City, urging him to keep up with the good work.

“I came to congratulate you on your swearing-in. I watched it on television and it was very impressive. You have done well. Keep the flag flying,” the Monarch said.

Aligning himself with prayers offered, the Monarch who is rarely seen in public noted “my Chief broke kola and said, may God continue to enrich the treasury with the wherewithal to do what you are doing. Please finish the projects and thank you very much. My brother traditional rulers are waiting for you to continue work in their domains.”  Oba Erediauwa commended the governor’s extemporaneous speech at his inauguration, adding “you are a wonderful man.”

Responding, elated Governor Oshiomhole expressed deep gratitude to the Oba for his support and prayers.

“I am deeply indebted to your Majesty. Your Majesty has been a father to me and to all of us in Edo State. My own biological father would not have done better for me than what you have done.”

Outlining his vision for the second term, the Governor noted “I am determined to do more than what I did in the first term. We have overcome our learning curve.”

He listed the next phase of work to include aggressively reclaiming the moat and sustaining the work on the Benin Masterplan, adding that over the next two years, it would be completed.

“Your Majesty, we would restore the beauty of this great city. This is the capital of this kingdom, this is the capital of Edo State. I am indebted to the Bini for accepting me as a son and a brother. By their votes they spoke very loud and clear,” Oshiomhole concluded.

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