Genevieve Nnaji “I would love to be a model but I don’t have the height” In an interview with TOPE OLUKOLE of the Tribune Newspaper, Genevieve Nnaji said she likes to challenge herself and dmitted that she’s dating but will never get married. She also chose modeling and fashion designing over acting.

Below is what the actress said.

What is your ultimate goal?
I want to challenge myself, as an actress, some more. I don’t think I have reached my
potentials. There is still a hunger in me. I am still not completely satisfied. I won’t stop until I
get an Oscar.
If you could do it all again what would you do?
If I had it my way, I would love to be a model, but I don’t have the height. If I could start my
career again, I would definitely go into the fashion world because I have been designing since
primary school. But you can’t go back into time and the best thing about my job is that I get
to dress up and pose all the time, just like a model!
You can be described as someone who is career-minded, ambitious and beautiful.
However, you were also a teen mother, what advice would you give to other teen
Thank you. I have never heard of that term, but I like to keep this part of my life private and I
don’t like to talk about my daughter. But what I would say is, I completely believe in destiny.
I think everybody has a dream and something they want to achieve, so you should never give
up on yourself.

Learn to embrace everything life throws at you and learn to make everything work for you,
even your mistakes. Do not give up on your dreams; as long as there is life, there is hope.
When you have life, you should make the best of your time because life is too short.

You’ve been romantically linked with several people, are there any wedding bells in
the future?
Yes, I am dating, but there won’t be any wedding bells, because I don’t want to get
married. I am looking for someone who can keep me excited because I get bored easily. I
need someone, who is there to support me, who is confident. I haven’t got the time to be
massaging a man’s ego; he has to be confident in our relationship from the word-go.
Do you see yourself as sexy and what’s the favourite part of your body?
I like to think that I’m sexy, although I don’t always feel sexy. I think my waist is my best
part. I like my waist because it’s small and neat and gives me my hourglass figure.


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