Nigeria’s Best Days

Some old look back at the days gone by

And say to themselves, “what good old days”

When currency in shilling could so much buy

And life was bliss in many ways.

They speak of peace and neighbourliness

The joy of hard work that marked their ways

And as a people with nostalgic reminiscence

They wish for a return to those days.

Some young look on as the days go by

And wonder at themselves, “what manner of days?”

When currency in naira can so little buy

And life seems harsh in many ways.

They speak of crime and self-centredness

The search for jobs that mark their ways

And as a people in great distress

They long to see some better days.

Oh Nigeria! Let’s look ahead at the days coming by

And proclaim in faith, “what glorious days!”

When currency isn’t God for what it could buy

And life is treasured in all its ways.

Let’s speak of love and righteousness

Divine prosperity marking our ways

And as a people overwhelmed by gladness

Sing songs of praise to the ancient of days.

Though five scores in years have all rolled by

Of Nigeria’s painfully evolving days

Her currency cursed for what it could buy

And life despised in many ways.

The world will yet speak of her greatness

Peace and progress that mark her ways

And her people declare with all boldness

My! My! These are the best of days.


by  Viola Akhigbe

Author: nmmin

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