Nigerian businessmen urged to invest in Turkey’s economy

About 90 percent of Turkish people don’t know where Nigeria is located in Africa even though Nigeria is important to Turkey.
Turkish journalist and expert on interfaith dialogue, Kerim Balci during media interaction with journalists in Lagos, disclosed this.
Nigeria is Turkey’s fifth largest trade partner in Africa and second among the sub-Saharan countries in 2012. Balci said the people don’t know the difference between Nigeria and the Republic of Niger, for example.
“Many people in Turkey have more information about East African countries,” he said. He believes Nigeria has much to do in the area of sensitization, as this will improve business relations between the two countries.
“Turkey depends on Russia and Iran for its oil supply. But Turkey wants to increase the number of source countries. Turkey wants to buy oil from Libya but for the prevailing situation in that country. So, Nigeria becomes important,” he observed.
He highlighted the key role the two countries play in the affairs of their respective regions. Nigeria is the giant of Africa while Turkey is the gateway to Europe. However, despite the immense trust between the two countries, Nigerians are not investing in the economy of Turkey, he said.
According to him, majority of Nigerians traveling to Turkey are not educated and therefore, they are not able to do key businesses.
“Unfortunately, the Nigerians who come to Turkey are not educated…they are the ones who sell wristwatches in the streets. But we need educated Nigerian businessmen who can establish businesses,” he stressed.
Balci who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Turkish Review, was upbeat when he said there is no language barrier between Nigerians and the Turkish people. This is because both countries speak the English language.
He expressed satisfaction with the hospitality of Nigerians, noting that it has created an enabling environment for Turkish nationals to do business in the country. He was full of praise for his compatriots, saying the establishment of schools and hospitals by Turkish businessmen demonstrate friendship just as they contribute to the realization of Nigeria’s privatization drive.
Balci used the occasion to enlighten Nigerian journalists on Turkish affairs, including its economic transformation and victory over terrorism.
Source –The Sun Newspaper

Author: nmmin

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