Impact of COVID-19 on the Air Industry

By Esosa Aihie

The International Air Transport Association has warned that revenue from flying passengers could drop by nearly a third of a trillion dollars this year & that 25 million jobs are at risk. 

Aircraft need plenty of work & attention while in storage. Prolonged storage has an impact on airworthiness. As a result, airlines scramble for proper storage facilities across the? 

Challenges include: the fading of parked planes brakes within 24 hours; need for 10-12 wheel choke to keep them in position; maintenance of hydraulics & flight-control systems; protection against insects & wildlife; corroded parts & damage to interiors from humidity; airport storage charges ($12.5 million for a six months grounding for an airline with more than 250); interior & engine maintenance; weekly rotation of tires & wheels; using hydraulic fluid to protect against rust; keeping engine dry with giant moisture absorption sachets; protection of fuselage from insects & nesting birds; twice monthly reconnection of aircraft batteries; & extensive checks to protect covers, engines, air conditioning & anti-ice systems.

Hmm…25 million jobs at risk plus impact on several other millions of their dependents?

Author: nmmin

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