Horror in Woolwich – British Soldier is Brutally Murdered

The Woolwich incident has been beamed round the world on television, newspapers and social media. Most shocking was the young man who is alleged to have carried out the barbaric act of slaughtering off duty soldier Lee Rigby.

Rigby served in Afghanistan returned home, only to be murdered in a cowardly manner is beyond belief.

One of the suspects appeared articulate, as he calmly albeit misguided made political statement about the unjustifiable reasons for his actions. Michael Mujahedeen from TV footage was apologising to women who had witnessed the brutal killing of the soldier.   His actions will be a case study for psychiatrists and psychologist to study.

The family of the murdered Lee Rigby will now have to cope with this senseless killing, Lee twenty five year leaves behind a two year old son.  This act has been condemned by most communities, including members of the Nigeria community.

Family members of the accused (both immediate and extended) are also affected, initial information is that they are hardworking people with strong Christian faith.  In many respect they should not be stigmatised and held responsible for the actions of an adult.

There have been wild speculations about the background of Michael Mujahidin, for any avoidance of doubt, he is a British man.   He was born in Lambeth, lived all his life in the UK and a sociology graduate, the issue of being of Nigerian descent is a distraction.

The Media must exercise caution about subtle emphasis of “Nigerian descent” or sinister link with Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram as suggested in Harriet Alexander‘s article for the Telegraph.  She goes to regurgitate the Boko Haram story about Nigeria, even suggesting that the “origin of the alleged killers were in their troubled homeland, West African country of Nigeria”.  This is pure mischief and intellectual laziness, Harriet should have done better as her narrative on Boko Haram is indeed old news and spurious.  

The question is how did it go wrong for him, how did he become so radicalised, he is said to have come under the radar of the authorities.  If Michael Mujahidin as he calls himself survives from injuries sustained from the police shooting, he is likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars.  He has clearly wasted his talent.  Prior to his conversion to Islam, he said to have grown up as a devout Christian

The fall out is that security will be reviewed, should soldiers wear uniforms when off duty, and why did it take the police armed squad twenty minutes, the spotlight now focus on radical Islam and its effect on young Asian and Black people.  There is something fundamentally wrong, why Michael Mujahidin who it has now emerged was Michael and his accomplice were both known to the security services yet nothing was done. 

The two alleged killers have been arrested and are in hospital receiving treatment, early indication show that they were shot eight times by the police, the police will now have to investigate the circumstances of the shootings, again this not looking good as the Independent Police Commission have stated that they will not take action against the armed squad involved in the shootings.

Curiously, a black man with a West Indian accent  on television said “send them home”,  the question is, who are the “them” and which “home” should they be sent ?, Lambeth where he was born or abroad, which, by the way is not possible as British citizens cannot be deported to a foreign country.  I suspect this uninformed man had his five seconds of fame being on television, sadly “home “ to even those who ought to know better is the “homeland” of the parents of the alleged killers.

The incident has been described as a terrorist act, with the prime minister cutting short his visit to France and convening COBRA emergency meeting. Although there is no generally agreed definition of terrorism internationally, in the UK, terrorism is defined in the 2000 Act which places emphasis on groups.  “The use or threat of action designed to influence the government or an international governmental organisation or to intimidate the public, or a section of the public; made for the purposes of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause; and it involves or causes”.

Again caution should be applied especially by politicians as the police are still investigating.  In the heat of the moment, all sorts of racist and religious bigotry are exhibited on social media.

Political parties in the UK have been united in condemnation of act, including President Barack Obama who condemned the killing of Lee Rigby in the strongest term. The Nigeria government has added its voice by condemning the senseless killing of Lee Rigby.

Author: nmmin

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