Hon Ehiogie West Idahosa, to launch his book titled “Separation of Power and Democracy in Contemporary Nigeria”

The book will be publicly presented and launched on Thursday, 19th January 2012 at the Shehu Yar’adua Centre, Abuja at 12 noon.

Ehiogie West Idahosa represented Ovia North East / South-West in Edo State in the Federal House of Representatives from 1999 to 2011.West Idahosa chaired several committees, including Oil & Gas, Internal Affairs Committees.

Nigeria Magazine notes that in January 2002, worried that the country's valued treasures were still being held in foreign countries, the House of Representatives urged to Federal Government to retrieve such artefacts abroad. 

Adopting a motion moved by Mr. Ehiogie West-Idahosa, and 56 otherwise on the 
return of seized Bini artefacts on display at the British museun, the House 
noted that there had been no formal request by government for the return of 
the artefacts as reflected in the letter of British Cultural Property Unit 
of February 22, 2001.

Earlier, WEST-Idahosa had said that the British invaded the ancient city of 
Benin in 1897 and carried away artefacts of historical, cultural, tourist 
and commercial values.

He said that the return of the artefacts would not only improve the tourism 
potential of the country, but would equally impact positively on the lives 
of the people. Contributing.

Tunde Lakoju, said that South Africa earns about 220,000 U.S dollars annually from tourism, noting that Africancountries suffered a lot of deprivation from the communalists. 
He advised the Federal Government to link up with other relevant agencies in 
some European countries for the return of the artefacts. 
Also speaking, Chinyerem Macabuh said that Nigerian artefacts could also be 
found in France, adding that the Federal Government had made efforts in the 
past to recover them. 

The rowdy session which followed the debates by members was however, 
resolved by the Speaker, Ghali Umar Na 'Abba who put the decision of the 
House on vote while the former had it. The House therefore, resolved that the National Museums Commission (NMC) should furnish the National Assembly with information about the presence of 
Nigeria's artefacts and materials wherever they are on display inappropriately in any part of world.

Federal Government to explain past efforts made at returning the historical materials and the constraints it was forced with aid. Government should write formally to the British museums and other countries for the return of those materials.

Author: nmmin

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