Tripoli has effectively been taken by opposition fighters. The whereabouts of Gadaffi
are unknown, but as the case may be, he is like other cowardly dictators hiding
somewhere or trying to escape.

Gadaffi has run a family like mafia operation throughout his 42 years murderous
years of dictatorship. The battle against Gadaffi took about six months from the
Benghazi uprising and with support from NATO.

The NTC have rightly appealed to its fighters to show restraint and protect Gadaffi, if
and when he is captured, assuming he has not fled. In the meantime, two of his sons
have been captured and taken into custody. They should be handed over to the ICC
for trial for charges of crime against humanity.

The South African government’s claim that it would not recognize NTC is most
disappointing. It is time for the African Union to wake from her slumber and take a
decisive stance by recognizing the NTC. The noise coming from South Africa at the
moment is not representative of the viewers of people seeking freedom in Africa.

The Tunisians and Egyptian regime collapse did not lead to anarchy The United States,
NATO; EU must learn lessons from the fall of Saddam Hussein and avoid anarchy by not
dismissing the police or the bureaucracy that will keep the economy on track.

NTC have acted responsibly, by not destroying oil refineries and infrastructure. Libya is
less populated, highly educated and highly operational population, so it may not go the
way of Egypt.

The international community, including Nigeria played a prominent role in fighting
Apartheid and liberated South Africa from racist rule. Robert Gates has been proved
wrong as he suggested that military intervention in Libya was not feasible. President
Obama rightly ignored the ranting of a republican and encouraged NATO with
American expertise to assist Libyan rebels.

President Obama assertion that American operations did not rise to the level
of “hostilities” as defined in the War Powers Resolution and that congressional approval
was therefore not necessary was backed up by the Republican Party. Obama’s support
for the Libyan people has been vindicated with the fall of Gadaffi.

David Cameron has again cut short his holiday to hold an emergency Security Council
meeting on the Libyan crisis.

Nigeria magazine urges NTC to exercise restraint and avoid retaliatory actions against
people of Tripoli and Gadaffi supporters. If Gadaffi is captured alive, he should be
handed over to ICC for prosecution.

The reconstruction and reconciliation of the various tribes in Libya should take priority as
the way forward.

Author: nmmin

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