Fashola Committed To Human Capital Development’

The Director General, Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC),
Mrs Olubunmi Fabamwo, has said that the Lagos State Government, under the leadership
of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, has taken the development of its workforce as a
paramount duty of his administration’s programme, aimed at transforming the state to
Africa’s Model Mega City.

Mrs Fabamwo who was speaking at the opening ceremony of a 3-day course on rudiments on
human resource management for chief administrative officers in the public service in Lagos
State disclosed that what was paramount in the mind of the state governor was how to ensure
that Lagos State becomes a world class mega city in all ramification.

To this end, she disclosed that the state government has committed huge financial resources
to renovating PSSDC and to the development of its curriculum with the help of Atos
Consulting, a UK firm which is partnering with the centre towards evolving curricula of
international standard for the various programmes run by the centre.

She, however, enjoined the citizens of the state to form an alliance with the state government
to ensure that the plans and programmes of the state become a reality.

She said, yet, it was compulsory that they all work together to achieve organisational goals.
In her explanation, Mrs Fabamwo said that no organisation can run without people, adding
that most of the organisations needed several people to run successfully.

She explained further that organisational success depends totally on the employers and
the people working there. She further opined that most employees who mean well needed
positive guidance, relevant training and clear targets.

“Human capital is the most essential and most complex of all resources to manage in an
organisation. The ability of a manager to utilise these resources effectively will determine the
level of efficiency of such a manager,” she stated. Employees contribute to the productivity
of the organisation and by treating them in the right way, business performance would
improve and productivity would increase and in a profit-oriented organisation, profit would
increase,” she said.

Author: nmmin

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