Edokpolo: As Potter For Potentials and Aspirations

NORUWA Joseph Edokpolo discovered early that he has immense capabilities for Human Capital development and business coaching. So he began in earnest to carve a niche for himself in human capital development and organisation development. He started small and has grown his firm to become a leading leadership development and training provider.

His firm’s programmes are tailored to help individuals and organizations discover their hidden potentials.

Noruwa Joseph Edokpolo is the Managing Director of   Transformed Thinking, a Human Capital   Development Company. He is also the Managing Director of Mind+, Nigeria’s foremost facilitation company. Until recently, he was the Chief Executive Officer at Showers Information Technology Limited, an Internet Service Provider based in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Uyo in Akwa–Ibom state. A graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Benin, he is also a certified business coach.

The journey of enterprise began in 1992 when he served as a Customer Service Specialist with SITA/EQUANT (then the largest data communications provider in the world). After eight years, he moved on to Linkserve as the pioneer Customer Service Manager. He set out on his own in 2002 as an Internet Service Provider and somewhere along the line, he noticed he had a penchant for helping individuals and organizations improve their ability to achieve success.

It started out as a hobby; people invited him to speak and he realized that it develop into a career. As a result, he followed up on it with a series of trainings in South Africa and later took it up as career. Afterwards, he started doing a lot of work with some small businesses and organizations on training and development. Since then, being passionate about leadership challenges in the society, he has done a lot of trainings and consultations with individuals and organizations to improve their leadership skills. He has also been privileged to have mentors who gladly showed him the ropes and gave him opportunity to learn.

One of his areas of interest is the development of viable corporate strategies. In this regard, his company holds the franchise to one of the most proficient strategy formulating processes in the market place today, called the Electronics Compass Aligned Performance System (ECAPS), which reduces complex and cumbersome strategy planning processes to actionable one-page document.

Edokpolo notes that for most executives, implementation is the bane of strategy initiatives. ECAPS, he says, is a solution that not only gives an easy to use strategy document; it has the singular advantage of also being a performance management system thereby ensuring that the plan gets implemented.

“The system is in use in at least five continents. Banks, Insurance companies, Schools, Airlines and the like are also amongst its users. Here in Nigeria, we have used ECAPS in the financial, educational, and oil and gas sector. One of the strengths of ECAPS is its flexibility and adaptability.

“Whereas training is necessary and would always have its place in developing the skills and competency of personnel, we noticed that sometimes to get that extra that makes the difference between a normal team and a high performing team, you need to actively engage team members to create their own solutions to the challenges confronting them. And facilitation is the process that makes this engagement possible.

“Mind+, a subsidiary of Transformed Thinking, was setup to focus on this vital area of expertise to further strengthen our ability to deliver cutting edge services to our clients and our desire is to see the use of facilitation as a process becoming widely used in Nigeria as is the case abroad,” he says

For his efforts in human capital development, the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) chose him as the facilitator of the month in October 2011. Only recently in recognition of the work that Transformed Thinking has done in the training and reorientation of ex-militants from the Niger Delta region, they were nominated for the Capacity Building Institution of the Year by the Niger Delta Achievers Merits Award (NDAMA).

As a certified Master Trainer of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) small business training modules and also in his role as the President of the SIYB Trainers Association, Edokpolo believes he is well positioned to assist government at different levels in their quest to tackle the hydra headed problem of unemployment. This is more so because, according to him, SIYB has proven itself as a veritable employment generation tool in other parts of the world where there has been active cooperation between the trainers and interested stakeholders like the government and foundations that have enterprise development as their goals.

Edokpolo’s leadership roles reflect in his day-to-day activities as his companies run easily in his absence as decisions are made by his staff in his absence. “Some of my staff have been with me for as long as the business itself and I think one of the greatest roles of leadership is to make room for team members to excel in whatever they do.“

Similarly, Edokpolo believes that integrity and professionalism coupled with the fear of God makes business thrive. He says his company has lost many opportunities based on refusal to compromise these principles. “I remember a contract we were to execute with a particular agency; our invoice was for N400, 000 and the man said to me: Can you make this N11million? And I said, ‘no.’ That cost us that job at a time when we were in dire straits financially. However, we have also received commendations and recognition from others for what we stand for.”

Commenting on the recent elections in his home state where Comrade Oshomole was re-elected, he says, “whereas one is happy that the Governor was re-elected, for me the greater joy is the fact that the people had their choice respected and by this, Edo State has sent a clear message to Nigerians not to give up on democracy. One can only pray that people’s expectations will not be dashed on the altar of political expediency by the Governor and his team.”

Away from work, Edokpolo spends time with his family. He likes to read, tend the garden and watch the news.

He attended St. Mary’s, Adeniji Adele for his primary education and Federal Government College, Ogbomosho for secondary education.

He is happily married to Bridget Okiemute Edokpolo and they are blessed with four wonderful daughters

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