Do you feel empowered to manage change in your personal or professional life?

People who depend on others to make changes on their behalf or to set goals that they are reluctant to agree to can be seen as the type of person who prefers to be carried by others and are afraid to take responsibility for their own actions. Preferring to have others make decisions for you and being reluctant to set your own goals and taking action to implement them do not reflect the qualities of people who feel empowered.

Empowered people are those who take time to reflect on where they are along life’s journey, consider where they want to be or what they want to become and develop a set of clear goals to help that achieve their version of success both in the short and longer term. They recognise also that not only do their goals and aspirations change at different phases of their life but the resources required and how they engage with others would require adjustment in other to achieve success.

For some, as they embark on new challenges to achieve higher level goals, they come to realise that despite being surrounded by family and friends they can feel alone and isolated when it comes to making changes to achieve greater success in their personal or professional lives. This group of people find they are stuck and dissatisfied with where they are despite their hard work. They may feel also that they are unable to change their situation because they are surrounded by negative comments and the pessimism of those who prefer the safety of the known that the opportunities awaiting in the unknown.

In general, unless and until you can set your own goals and charter a path to achieving them, change in your personal and professional life will continue to be painful, costly, time consuming and you will find that your self-confidence is constantly eroded until you no longer seek to change but accept less than you deserve. Indeed, not being able to handle change with optimism and to feel empowered to make changes will result in you feeling you are moving even further away from achieving the success you crave and deserve.

Do not allow yourself to be a mere passenger who’s carried along. Be the one to choose what changes you will need to make in order to advance to the next level of success in your personal life, career or entrepreneurial journey. As a wise person once said “the one being carried does not realize how far away the town is”.

Veronica Broomes is an Executive Coach, Speaker and Consultant as well as the founder of Talent Management in Teams, a brand dedicated to helping individuals and groups manage change, improve leadership skills and raise performance in their personal lives and careers working in large organisations or small businesses, including their own.

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