David Adeleke, aka Davido release medical result of Sophia Momodu ‘’cannabis test’’

Nigerian musician Davido. Picture: Wikipedia.
Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, aka Davido, has released medical papers indicating his daughter’s mother, Sophia Momodu, allegedly tested positive for marijuana.
He also released photograph of his seven-month-old baby, Imade, having a “breathing exercise”,and that it was administered every night to help her lungs “due to exposure to second-hand smoke and cannabis-infected breast milk.”
According to PUNCH Metro, the 27-year-old Sophia Momodu, niece of publisher Dele Momodu, petitioned National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other related offences, alleging that her daughter was abducted. The petition, which was signed by her lawyer, Gbolaga Ajayi, of S. O. AJAYI & Co, alleged that the Adeleke family was planning to take Imade from her mother to the United States.
Davido faults the claim of abduction, saying he was only taking his daughter for medical treatment in Dubai. He claimed that Sophia infected Imade with cannabis during breastfeeding, adding that the baby’s life was at risk.
Davido on Sunday released a report from the Clina-Lancet Laboratories, medical facility in Victoria Island, Lagos State. The report, dated July 12, 2015, indicated that Sophia tested positive for cannabis.
According to the artiste, her daughter, “Imade was in her custody for two months, unchallenged and uninterrupted, until the baby took ill in July. Imade cried ceaselessly for 48 hours. She was rushed to the hospital where her condition confounded medical experts. Several tests were conducted on her and later on the mother.
“Medical reports proved that Sophia’s blood was polluted with cannabis and she had, during the process of breastfeeding, infected her child with complicated medical conditions associated with the use of alcohol and cannabis. The trouble spot for Imade was her lungs. She had difficulty breathing largely because of the contaminated breast milk and the severity of the “second-hand smoke” of marijuana inhaled by the poor child.
“The medical experts at the hospital were enraged and declared the mother unfit for nursing the baby. The team determined that they would hand over the baby to the Lagos State Government. My family pleaded with the hospital management. Sophia too was sober and contrite. We pleaded that the baby would be kept from the mother and that we would take over responsibilities for Imade’s welfare.”
Davido said Sophia voluntarily gave up the child to his family pending when her system would be cleansed. Davido, who claimed to have been paying Sophia 300,000 per month, alleged that she increased her demand to N1m per month, which he said he could not pay.
“If Imade had not gone to Dubai (the first time), it is fair to say that she may not be alive today. Still, some people prevented her from keeping a follow-up appointment at the American Hospital in Dubai on December 29. My family refused to pay for Sophia’s flight ticket and as such Imade was prevented from travelling for her treatment,” he said.
Sophia refutes allegations
Sophia, in a series of Tweets, denied that her daughter was infected with any disease, adding that they were all excuses to take Imade from her. She explained that she had been invited to a meeting where
the cannabis claim was made.
She said, “On September 15, David’s dad invited us for a meeting that had in attendance two of his friends and Coco (his daughter). “In that meeting, David’s dad apologised for the way I was treated in Coco’s residence and said the reason the baby was taken was because medical tests detected marijuana in Imade’s system and he needed to protect her from me and David.
“I couldn’t understand that because I don’t smoke marijuana and I objected at that meeting, but I was told to stay calm.
“After the meeting, his dad requested I leave my seven-month-old baby with him and told me I could come around to check her anytime. He also promised to pay me some upkeep and provide me with a car. “I had to accept because I felt they had good intentions and since I could come to check my baby anytime, it was okay by me.
“They kept to their promise of the upkeep, but not the car. I didn’t bother since I could afford one. All that matter was my baby. “Cannabis was never found in my system; it was a concocted lie to steal away my baby. I don’t smoke; I have never smoked weed let alone smoke while breastfeeding.”

By Kede Aihie

Author: nmmin

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