COVID-19 Robot?Helpers

Esosa Aihie


The coronavirus crisis has made real-time inventory information more important than ever. The robots are doing their best to help—in some areas at least. Improving supply chain management could unlock as much as $1 trillion value in retail. And that is simply by eliminating existing inefficiencies. 

Optimizing supply chain management has emerged as one of the top priorities for grocery stores during the emergency which led to sudden shutdown of large parts of the world to keep consumers and workers safe from coronavirus. 

Simbe Robotics is the “mother” of Tally, a tall and lithe robot that glides up and down the aisle and uses image recognition to take a real time inventory of the products on the shelves. Simbe Robotics helps retailers close the information gap between supply chain intelligence and point of sale intelligence”

Tally’s information will provide greater insights on consumer behavior, and could pave the way for dynamic pricing once electronic price tags allow for faster price adjustments on the shelves.

Robotics today is very much like the early days of personal computers or mobile phones—the emergence of platforms that make it easier for people to build, deploy and manage robotic applications. Robotics may likely permeate the entire supply chain in the foreseeable future, allowing physical retail to achieve ‘digital parity’ with online retail.” Tally and other robots will play a key role, from improving the supply chain to getting products to customers faster with autonomous delivery.

But the value of people and human capital will remain essential, having humans in the loop will always be critical.”

Author: nmmin

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