COVID-19 – Calls for Greater Resilience in Africa

By Esosa Aihie

Africa may need an emergency economic stimulus of $100 billion—including an estimated $44 billion waiver for interest payments in 2020.

In 2020, the pandemic could cost between $37 billion & $79 billion in output losses, while impact on household welfare is expected to reach 7%. 

Likely to create severe food security crisis & a contraction of between 2.6% & 7%. Decline in food imports (as much as 25% or as little as 13%) as a result of higher transaction costs & reduced domestic demand.

Health risks due to limited access to safe water & sanitation facilities, urban crowding, weak health systems, & a large informal economy. 

Therefore need for fiscal-policy focused on: 

* strengthening health systems through available finance; PPE of medical personnel. 

* Implementing social protection programs to support all workers with cash, food, grants, wage subsidies & fee waivers for basic services. 

* Good logistics with minimal disruptions in food supply chains. 

The report also recommends an exit strategy & building future resilience to enable sustainable growth, economic diversity & inclusion.”

Author: nmmin

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