Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the main stage. We are in the business end of the champion’s league en route to a final in Wembley. We shall be served delicious, moth watering and appetising ties to scintillate our taste buds.

We are poised for 4 quarter final matches and potentially a Barcelona versus Real Madrid final in Wembley if they can both survive their respective matches. There are 3 Spanish teams left in the competition and no English teams. Some would argue that it reflects the dominance of the Spanish league which we all agree is more technical and possesses more flair than the English premier League.

Here is a preview of the respective ties

Malaga v Borussia Dortmund

Malaga is the ‘Cinderella’ team of the tournament and the revelation team. They deserve all the clichés. They came through a tough group where most pundits gave them a zero chance of qualifying from. Not only did they qualify but they won their group! Never write off the Germans though. One might argue this is a step too far. Is the dream over or can they extend it?

Verdict: Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid v Galatasaray

On paper this looks like Real Madrid. However we all know that football is played on the field and not on paper. This match has interesting twists. Wesley Sneider will be playing against one of his former teams and will have something to prove. Didier Drogba will also be coming up against his former coach Jose Mourinho. Is Christiano going to develop a hunch back from carrying the team on his back?

Verdict: Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona

This promises to be an interesting match. The former champions versus the Arab money big spenders. Ibrahimovic is suspended from the first leg and will definitely feature in the second leg against his former employers. He never got along with Pep Guardiola who has left Barcelona to coach in Germany. Watch out for fire works!

Verdict: Barcelona

Bayern Munich v Juventus

This is a tough one to call. My head says Bayern Munich. They are flying in the Bundesliga and look like they have their domestic title sewn up. They are a team brimming with Internationals and you expect them to deliver and at least make it to the semi-finals. However ‘the old lady’ is a team they do not have a good record against. Like a 70 year old man wanting to date a 20 year old do you go with your head or your heart?

Verdict: Bayern Munich

There is going to be more twists and turns than a Paris Dakar rally. I invite you to a ‘feast of football’ Bon appétit. Enjoy!

Contributing writer – Segun Ariyo (a.ka. MR. FOOTBALL)

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