Beyonce and Jay-Z Expecting a Baby AP


Beyonce upstaged every performer at the MTV Video Music Awards before the show even began,
announcing she and husband Jay-Z are expecting a baby. The soon-to-be-30 superstar arrived on the VMA
black carpet holding her bulging belly while dressed in a loose-fitting, flowing red gown.
MTV tweeted the news, and photos confirming her motherly status soon circulated. Her publicist later
confirmed the pregnancy. In an instant, Beyonce and her unborn child managed to overshadow the night's
Lady Gaga's much-hyped opening number, during which she performed as a greasy, leather-jacketed male
alter-ego, became less important.
So did the evening's meticulously planned wild moments, from Nicki Minaj's origami-like outfit to a dance-off
between the members of Odd Future and Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen.

Author: nmmin

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