8-Year Old Amarachi Uyanne is Nigeria’s ‘Most Talented’ and Youngest ‘non-inheritor’ Millionaire in Nigeria

At the Grand Finale of the Nigeria’s Got Talent Reality Show, 8-year old singer and dancer, Amarachi Uyanne, from Benin City, Edo State, was announced winner of the show after getting the highest number of votes from viewers.

This was the first ever season of Nigeria’s Got Talent and over ten thousand acts across different genres of entertainment, from across the thirty-six states of the country, participated in the show.

The prize for emerging winner of the show is a whooping N10 million. The young talent had this to say: “I am happy that I won. At first I was afraid and thought I would lose, but thank God I won in the end. I want to help orphans with the money, and also for the education of my two siblings as well as mine.”

The mother of the child star, Emike Uyanne, said,  “I am happy what happened has happened. Every parent should allow their kids do whatever they can do to display their talent.”

Winning the show and the attached prize money makes Amarachi the youngest non-inheritor millionaire in Nigeria. The grand finale was held yesterday at Bamako Studios, Ikeja, Lagos

Author: nmmin

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