35 Year Old Nigerian Doctor Becomes The Youngest Woman To Own Two Free Standing 24 Hour Medical Emergency Rooms

35 year old Nigerian Dr Foye Ikyaator is the youngest Black woman to own two free standing 24 hour Emergency Rooms (ER) in Houston, Texas. 

The mother of two is married to Orseer Ikyaator. They own Foye MD & Spa, a versatile facility of 25+ staff & 12 doctors.

Dr Foye has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science (University of Georgia); medical degree (University of Wisconsin); trained at (Emory University, Atlanta); & certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. 

The Essence Top 100 awardee has also been featured in Empower Magazine, ABC, Fox News, NPR, Hello Beautiful & many more. 

Having seen over 80K patients,  Dr Foye said that, “no amount of money can give you the fulfilment that you have when you know you have impacted somebody’s life”. 

Her motivation to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine was after her mother’s stage 3 cancer misdiagnosis for months nearly 17 years ago. She has seen over 80,000 patients in the last 10 years. 

She keeps her skills sharp by working at St Luke’s Hospital every month & have no expansion plans as her focus is on her current business venture & family. 

Well done Doc & more grease to your dynamic ER elbow???





Author: nmmin

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