The 10 finalists competing Nigeria’s Got Talent-This Sunday


As we count down to the final episode of the hit Reality TV show, Nigeria’s Got Talent, this Sunday 9th December 2012, here are the ten finalists slugging it out for a grand prize of N10 million.×399.jpg


  1. Name:                                      Amarachi Uyanne 
    State Auditioned:            Benin, Edo State 
    Act:                                            Dancing 
    Date of Birth:                      17/07/2004 
    Educational Status:       South Point Primary School, Benin 
    Occupation:                        Student 
    In her words:                      I started dancing at age 5. It is a gift and a passion that God deposited in me.×600.jpg

  1. Real Name:                             Bariyu Yesufu 
    Stage Name:                           Bariyu 
    State Auditioned:               Lagos 
    Act:                                              Ventriloquism 
    Educational Status:         MBCHB (Medical Degree) Obafemi Awolowo University Ife 
    Date of Birth:                        23/02/1976 
    Occupation:                           Medical Doctor 
    In his words:                         I am a Ventriloquist/ Comedian. I haven’t seen another Ventriloquist in our environment before.×445.jpg

  1. Real Name:                            Boniface Ukeme 
    Stage Name:                          Boniface 
    State Auditioned:             Port-Harcourt, Rivers State 
    Act:                                             Dancing 
    Date of birth:                       27/04/1988 
    Educational Status:        Graduate; Computer Science (Lagos State University). 
    In his words:                        I have a special and unique ability that the world needs to see.×399.jpg

  1. Real Name:                              Godwin Ogechukwu 
    Stage name:                            Godwin 
    State Auditioned:               Benin, Edo State 
    Act:                                               Violinist 
    Date of birth:                          25/08/1992 
    Educational Status:           Undergraduate: Linguistics and African language (University of Benin) 
    Occupation:                            Student 
    In his words:                          My music is a unique one, only done by few Nigerians; I hope to show to the world that Nigerians can do this just like they do it abroad.×399.jpg

  1. Real Names:                    Kalio Blessing, Greg Immanuel, Daniel Aneke, Iheanacho Daniel & Precious Green 
    Stage name:                     Impulse 
    State Auditioned:        Port-Harcourt, Rivers state 
    Act:                                        Singing 
    Date of birth:                  Kalio blessing 12/12/1994, Greg Immanuel 19/08/1993, Daniel Aneke 02/01/1996, Iheanacho Daniel 19/12/1994, Precious Green 24/05/1993 
    Educational Status:    Greg Immanuel- O’ Level, Precious Green- Undergraduate, Rivers State Polytechnic, Iheanacho Daniel – O’ Level, Daniel Aneke – Undergraduate- Marketing(University of Port-Harcourt), Blessing Kalio –  O’ Level 
    In their words:                We are an Acapella group; singing in harmony is what we do.

  1. Real name:                           Oghomwen Edosowman and Jesse Umoh 
    Stage name:                         Jesse and Ogbhomwen 
    State auditioned:             Benin, Edo state 
    Act:                                            Dancing 
    Educational Status:       Jesse: Ebenezer Secondary School Benin, Edosowman: Igbinedion Montessori Primary School, Benin. 
    Date of birth:                       Jesse –  27/06/1999,  Edosowman – 11/05/2003 
    Occupation:                         Students 
    In their words:                   Because we take ballet and contemporary dance to the best of our ability and uniqueness, we are the best at what we do.

  1. Real name:                                          Kamanu Chuka Solace 
    Stage name:                                        Chuka 
    State Auditioned:                           Lagos 
    Act:                                                           Rapping 
    Educational Status:                      O’ Level 
    Date of birth:                                      24/07/1994 
    Occupation:                                        Student 
    In his words:                                      I do music, rap to be precise. My music is my voice and my only way of expression. I am that ingredient that has been missing in the Nigerian music scene.×600.jpg

  1. Real name:                                          Nathaniel Oliva 
    Stage name:                                        DJ Mouth 
    State auditioned:                            Port-Harcourt, Rivers state 
    Act:                                                           Beat Boxing 
    Date of birth:                                      14/06/1985 
    Educational Status:                       O’ Level. 
    Occupation:                                        Student 
    In his words:                                       Beat box is an unusual talent by which your mouth is the production of your act, the only external device you need is the speaker and the mic for your act to be pronounced. My talent is not common.The world needs to know more about it especially in Africa. It is a gift from God.×600.jpg

  1. Real name:                                          Oluwatoke Salami 
    Stage name:                                        Toke 
    State auditioned:                            Ibadan, Oyo state 
    Act:                                                           Singing 
    Date of birth:                                      14/03/2001 
    Educational status:                       American Christian Academy, Ibadan 
    Occupation:                                        Student 
    In her words:                                     I think you should pick me because I have the talent×399.jpg

  1. Real names:                              Friday James, Moses Aniefiok, Fortune Johnbull, James Samuel, Simeon Kofi Nathy 
    Stage name:                              Xpendables 
    State auditioned:                  Port-Harcourt, Rivers state 
    Act:                                                 Dancing 
    Date of birth:                           Friday James 23/4/1993, Moses Aniefiok 4/5/1994, Fortune Johnbull 2/9/1994, James Samuel 1/05/1997, Simeon Kofi Nathy 7/5/1994 
    Educational status:             O’level 
    In their words:                       Our dance is so special and unique because we do incredible things and we are always accurate. 

Source: Bella Naija

Author: nmmin

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